New, Improved!! (or just revised)

Welcome to 2020 and to a, if not improved, so at least revised blog. Please don’t hesitate to give me feedback, positive or negative, to the changes. I might listen to reason.

From your previous feedback I understand that many of you like to listen to the playlist as is, while others like to use it to dig further into the music I have introduced. And some like to do both. So, hopefully the new way to present will make it easier to do all three.

I will divide the blog into three: Albums, Singles/EPs and one classic album from the 60s, 70s or 80s.

In the playlist there will be samples from all albums, all the singles, and one sample from the classic album. In the blog entry below there will be links to all recommended albums. Just click on the album cover. (Yes, it’s magic, I know..)

As a consequence I will not write many details about the music below. If it is in this month’s list it is because I consider it good and I imagine you will like it, too.

Jens Lekman & Annika Norlin

Two singer-songwriters send songs to each other. SImple idea with a lovely result.

Marriage Story
Randy Newman

Newman decides not to sing, only compose and play. A lovely soundtrack in the Newman soundtrack tradition.

Golden Hour
Christopher Holland (feat. Sumudu Yayatilaka/Katy Shotter)

Jools Holland’s brother proves himself to be a great songwriter, wisely leaving much of the vocals to Sumudu Yayatilake and Katy Shotter.

From Out of Nowhere – Jeff Lynne’s ELO

If you loved Electric Light Orchestra in the 70s, not much has changed. Jeff Lynne sticks with what he knows. Good for him and good for us.

Let’s Rock
The Black Keys

This is an album by the Black Keys called “Let’s Rock.” It does. (Pitchfork)

Grace Vanderwaal

The darling of America’s Got Talent is about to grow up – sounds like she will make the transition to adult performer just fine.

Love Stories
Eliane Elias

One of my favourite jazz voices is back, with a lovely, but sadly a bit uninteresting collection of songs.

Modern Love
Various Artists

A fabulous TV series with an equally magnificent soundtrack. I just love this album!

My Fines Work Yet
Andrew Bird

Activist singer-songwriter Andrew Bird turns to irony, still important, still with teeth.

Nothing Never Happens
Bria Skonberg

Bria Skonberg takes us through the dark night of her heart and the national soul on the fraught, yet impossible-not-to-listen-to Nothing Never Happens.  (All About Jazz)

When Words Flew Freely
Signe Marie Rustad

Norwegian Americana, hauntingly beautful album by Signe Marie Rustad, her third.

Teaser & The Firecat
Cat Stevens

In my view, one of the best albums ever recorded. And one that brings out pleasant memories for me more than almost any other album. I always wanted to sing like Cat Stevens, but he was way out of my range in more ways than one. «How Can I Tell You» is not the most famous song from the album, but maybe one of the loveliest love songs written.

These days singles are previews of greatness to come – or the only really great song from a forthcoming album. Hopefully the singles that I have added to the playlist this month, belongs to the former category. Time will tell… Here is a list of this month’s picks:

2 In a Million – Steve Acki/Sting/SHAED

Burn the Witch – Sarah Peacock

Creature – iris

Eight Floors Up – The Delines

Feet Off the Ground – Brent Cobb, Jade Bird

He Killed Capoty – Zouzoelectric

Hierba Mala – REYKO

I Do (Really Like You) – Loren Nine

Free – Jordan Moyes

Kissing in the Wind – Travis

Let’s Go Out – Jadudah

Love Wil Remain – Bill Fay

Make Room – ISAK

My Neighbour’s Ghost – Robert Vincent

No Meanness – Madeleine Peyroux

Skin – Ships Have Sailed

The Sunday Walker EP – Villagers

Sword of Damocles – Rufus Wainwright

Telefone – Delicatessen

I plan to give you a new update by March, so stay tuned and enjoy the playlist. I have moved the old 2019 playlist to a separate playlist, previously called Newcomers. If you have subscribed to that list, you will now find your old favourites there. Or you can click here. to listen and/or subscribe.

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