Most Enjoyable 2019


Time for the round-up of this year’s most enjoyable albums (including two released at the very end of 2018)!  The list is of course very personal, but I do think most readers of my blog will enjoy most of the music here. With the exception of Joe Jackson’s excellent rock album, most entries are in the quiet, evocative and accoustic end of the music spectrum. Perhaps it has been that kind of year, more introspective..?

You’ll find a link to every album below, and I have made a playlist of all ten albums  as well, found here.

Instead of reviewing the albums once again myself, I have quoted other reviewers, so your don’t hve to take my word on it that these are outstanding albums.

I have also added a music video from each album, (with the exception of Hekla Stålstrenga, who haven’t produced one).

A Happy New Year to all readers and listeners. Next year I will make some changes to my blog list, focusing more on individual tracks and songs, less on albums, but always with good references, if you want to dig further on your own. More details later….

. Joe Jackson – Fool

Joe Jackson

«Even if Joe Jackson is no longer the mega-star of the ‘80s, it’s clear from the consistently innovative, often challenging Fool that he is far from a faded has-been. On the contrary, it’s good enough to suggest his best might still be ahead of him.»

Father of the Bride
Vampire Weekend

«An album that could soundtrack an afternoon picnic or be used as fodder for a doctorate thesis on songwriting. It’s a beautifully realized cipher in an age of unsatisfying answers.»

The Light You Need Exits
Randi Tytingvåg Trio

*An uncommonly beautiful record…We live in dark times, but the light we need exists.» Stavanger Aftenblad

Eleni Mandell – Wake Up Again

Wake Up Again
Eleni Mandell

«The record  is surprisingly her most indie rock-flavored release to date, at least until about the halfway point. But it’s also her most relevant, and most lyrically powerful. These clear-eyed, sobering songs elegantly and often allusively chronicle the cycles of despair, and addiction, and hopelessness of being caught in the prison-industrial compex. As Mandell makes crystal clear, orange is anything but the new black.»

New York Music Daily

Maria Due – The Colour White

The Colour White
Maria Due

«I don’t know how much attention Maria Due’s album will get, but I really hope people will open their eyes for her, because she has made a little gem of an album «

NES – Ahlam


Ahlam (dream in Arabic) is the beautifully-sculpted new album by NES, a trio of virtuoso musicians based in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Valencia, Spain… NES’ combination of artful cello, light percussion and diverse vocal forms is intensely satisfying. On Ahlam you’ll find masterfully-constructed songs influenced by Arabic music, flamenco, classical music and jazz.»


Luisa Sobral – Rosa

Luisa Sobral

«Rosa is an unadorned and emotional album, very exciting» 

Elske og ære
Hekla Stålstrenga

«The coast (of Norway), nature and the elements are are put to full use  during the 11 tracks comprise this album…. Again one must be truly impressed with Hekla Stålstrenga, a group of musicians with a most amazing ensemble playing… Folk music and singer-songwriter tradition are in good hands.»



Lily & Madeleine – Canterbury Girls

Canterbury Girls
Lily & Madeleine

«The sisters are truly coming into their own here, exploring new sonic avenues and expressing themselves with beautiful, and occasionally brutal, honesty.»
Entertainment Weekly

One Piece at a Time
Finn Andrews

«Laced with a rare sincerity and some of the most captivating vocal work Andrews has ever produced, One Piece At A Time sees The Veils’ frontman picking up the metaphorical pieces of his life and allowing them to guide the next steps of his journey…..An intimate and unyielding musical effort with very little room for disappointment, those who already adore the Andrews’ signature sound are guaranteed to be more than impressed.»

London In Stereo

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