Petter’s Christmas Special

Sick and tired of the same Christmas music year after year? Today I can offer you some relief, with a special list of (almost) new Christmas releases!

I have to qualify the statement somewhat, though, because even though the songs are new, the ingredients are more or less the same as they’ve been since the dawn of time – or since Bing Crosby recorded White Christmas, whatever came first (nobody knows for sure).  Santa Claus and his family, Baby Jesus and his family, Coming home to family (or not), are in various degrees present in all 37 songs.

The songs span many genres, from folk to rock to country to bigband to classic, but sprinkled on top are the always recognizable elements like snow bells and peace and love. Now, I don’t mean to be callous or cruel, because I am a softee at heart, and in December my tolerance for the adopted values of Christmas is (almost) boundless. If yours are too, I can promise you’ll love most of the special playlist.

In addition, I must also add, that some songs are not new, some are more reworked or dusted off than new, like John Legend and Kelly Clarkson’s new version of Baby It’s Cold Outside, with new #metoo-adjusted lyrics, Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s rock version of Dreams of Fireflies, borrowed from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons –  and Ana Gasteyer’s Children Go Where I Send Thee, an old African-American Spiritual.

And – HERE is my Christmas Special on Spotify. Enjoy!

John Legend – A Legendary Christmas

Bring Me Love

By Christmas Eve

Waiting for Christmas

Baby It’s Cold Outside (with Kelly Clarkson)

Ana Gasteyer – sugar & booze

Sugar and Booze

The Man With the Bag

He’s Stuck in the Chimney Again

Children Go Where I Send Thee

Boys of Christmas – Nå e de julatid

Gaver du ikkje vil ha

Ne-Yo – Another Kind of Christmas

Carol of the Bells (with Candice Boyd)

Talk About It

I Want To Come Home for Christmas

It’s For Everybody

Someyday at Christmas (with ReVaughn)


Hiss Golden Messenger – Christmas in Prison

Christmas in Prison

Idina Menzel – Christmas: A Season of Love

A Hand for Mrs. Claus (with Ariana Grande)

Keb’ Mo’ – Moonlight, Mistletoe & You

Moonight, Mistletoe & You (with Gerald Albright)

When the Children Sing

One More Year With You

Los Lobos – Liegó Navidad

Christmas and You

Mac McCaughan – Down We Go

Down We Go (Sledding Song)

Magne Furuholmen – White Xmas Lies

There Goes Another Year

Molly Burch – The Molly Burch Christmas Album

Hard Candy Christmas

Pentatonix – The Best of Pentatonix Christmas

Mary, Did You Know?

White Winter Hymnal

Grown-Up Christmas List (with Kelly Clarkson)

Robbie Williams – The Christmas Present

Coco’s Christmas Lullaby

Let’s Not Go Shopping

Best Christmas Ever

Fairytales (with Rod Stewart)


Silya & The Bad Santas – Happy Holidaze

Kissin’ by the Mistletoe

Secret of Christmas

Sissel – Reflections III Christmas

In the Night of New Year’s Eve

Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Dreams of Fireflies

Dreams of Fireflies (On A Christmas Night)

Time You Should Be Sleeping

William Tyler – Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ


— Happy Holidays ,Everyone —






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