Lost and Found

Thank you for feedback and questions following last month’s blog entry. I promised to listen to reason, and I have. SO a few small changes this month:

I have added more than one track from the classic album and more than two tracks from the albums of the month. Everything else remains the same. Hope everybody is happy now. If not, write me.

Which means I will continue to divide the blog into three: Albums, Singles/EPs and one classic album from the 60s, 70s or 80s.

In the playlist there will be samples from all albums, all the singles, and samples from the classic album. In the blog entry below there will be links to all recommended albums. Just click on the album cover.

The songs I presented in the last blog entry has been moved here. As I renew the list, I will put all previous tracks here, so don’t worry. They are still around for your listening pleasure.

So here we go with the February choice cuts.

Been Around
A Girl Called Eddy

Soul-pop from artist who has been away since early 2000s. Which might explain the sunglasses. She has used the time well, Been Around is a perfect evening listening album.

Echo in the Canyon
Jakob Dylan & Misc Artists

Echo in the Canyon is a 2018 film about Laurel Canyon area of L.A. birthplace of a lot of the music your propbably love from the 60s, including Beach Boys, The Byrds, Mamas and the Papas etc. Songs from the era are recreated by Jokob Dylan and a menagerie of famous artists.

Eilen Jewell

Eilen Jewell is at heart a country artist, but she expands the term more than nearly any other country artist, while still staying true to the roots. She has quite a back catalogue on offer, so if you like what you hear, delve in.

Hundre dager
Ine Hoem

Norwegian Artist Ine Hoem’s first Norwegian-language album, very personal stories told about upbringing, first love. She has gotten a lot of credit for the lyrics, but the music is lovely in its simplicity as well.

Harry Nilsson
Losst and Founnd

One of my favourite artists of the 1970s and 1980s, Harry Nilsson, did not release any new music between the early 80s and his death at 52 in 1994. Until now (well, he didn’t, but you get my drift). He recorded these songs in 1992, and producer Mark Hudson has now finished Harry’s work. A brilliant, cohesive album filled to the brim with Nilsson gems.

Mare Nostrum
Paolu Fresu, Richard Galliano and Jan Lundgren

Put three of the greatest jazz musicians together and don’t be surprised if they create beautiful music together. It is almost inevitable. Mare Nostrum III (yes, there are two previous albums) calms nerves and pleases the heart.

Modern Johnny Sings Songs in the Age of Vibe
Theo Katzman

In some manner a concept album about the love of 60s to 80s music, but also a great collection from multi-instrumentalist Theo Katzman, proving that the heritage he tells stories about lives on.

Semper Eadem

Sometimes I want to climb up on a chair in a crowd a scream: «What is wrong with you? Don’t you recognize greatness if it stares you in the face!!??»   Mimmi, a Norwegian artist with Senegalese roots, has got some great reviews but no real fame for her two albums, but she deserves to be recognized at a totally different level. She – and her music – is in a class of its own. Listen to Semper Eadem and I am sure you’ll agree.

Walking Like We Do
The Big Moon

The Big Moon make me believe that not all pop music need to be pushed through the Max Martin meat grinder. Walking Like We Do comes with harmonies and happy, funky, energetic music that takes you on a journey you don’t really know where ends, and with lyrics that a smart and personal.

Some great new releases, hopefully many of the will soon be found on albums. Watch this space.

6 Feet Under – Lola Young

All Babies Must Cry – Sxip Shirey & Rhiannon Giddons

Be Still My Heart (Accoustic version) – Silje Nergaard

Venezuela/Chelsea Burns – Keren Ann & Dayna Kurtz

Røde spenn/Er for alltid from Et lite stykke Norge – Amanda Delara

Don’t let me win – delush

An Echo – Samantha Crain

How to Forgive – Tennis

How Will I Know – Yael Naim

If You Think This is Real Life/The Keeper – Blossoms

Klangfall – Joep Beving

neve give up – Son Little

Pray for Me – Kristin Husøy

Revival – Gregory Porter

Teach Me Tonight – James Taylor

Walking in the Air – AURORA

You Don’t Want to Hear It – Ron Sexsmith

Alladin Sane
David Bowie

I can still recall receiving the package from a British mail order store, opening up the cover of Alladin Sane, putting the LP on the turntable and realizing my musical taste was altered for good. To think that music could be so varied, so beautiful and noisy and rhythmic and unpredictable, all at the same time and on one album. I wanted (and tried to) play the piano like Mike Garson, and Mick Ronson’s guitar solos sent shiverings down my back. Still do.   In my mind, David Bowie’s best.


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