Second Time Around

For many artists the career never seems to be over. Music pours out of them even after a long break. In this month’s blog post there are quite a few good examples: Pink Floyd, Alanis Morissette, Tears for Fears, Beth Hart – and Coldplay (although some said they never left). It seems like most artists have a creative peak during their career, lucky for us the peak may last for a long time, and even when they are not peaking, the art they give us is more than satisfactory.

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Fog On The Tyne

Sample track: Meet Me On the Corner

It might be fair to say that Lindisfarne created folk rock, and their 1971 album Fog on the Tyne was definitely produced at the band’s creative peak. It went to number 1 in the spring of 1972 and became the 8th bestselling album of the year, 50 years ago. I never liked them much when I was a teenager, and thought that calling the lads «Beatles of the 70s» was an abhorrence. Today I can appreciate their sound a bit better and enjoyed relistening to this album from my youth. I hope you do, too.

Anaïs Mitchell
Anaïs Mitchell

Sample Track: Brooklyn Bridge

Mitchell has recorded her brand of folk rock since 2002. Last year she turned 40, and this self-titled album sure sounds mature and accomplished. She comes out of the Dylan/Cohen school of popular music, with lyrics that matter set to music that primarily accompanies.

Catch Me If You Can
Adekunle Gold

Sample Track: Mase Mi

Adekunle Gold may very well be Nigeria’s greatest artist at the moment, and with the release of Catch Me If You Can, he has spread world music with a Nigerian twist to a global audience. The music is easily accessible, with R&B as well as reggae beats intertwined with African contemporary music.

For evig

Sample Track: Hurt You

I have continuously added singles to the list from Norwegian electrionica artist ARY over the years; now her first true album is out, and she doesn’t disappoint. This is a varied and impressive collection. ARYs style is all her own and has been for many years, with a melancholy that is genuine and not a copy.

Ghost Song
Cécile McLorin Salvant

Sample Track: Until

Another artist that is truly her own is Cécile McLorin Salvant, to an extent that she probably scares some people away with her experimentation and friskiness, being absolutely impossible to pindown musically. Jazz? Pop? Folk? Who could say? This album cannot be listened to in the background, Salvant demands too much of her listener for that. But give this wonderful carnival of an album a chance, I promise it is worth it.

My World, My Love, Paris

Sample Track: Starstruck

I wrote a few months ago that we ought to listen more to Austrian pop, it has certainly moved on – and OSKA is another living proof. This debut album is sweet and moving, with personal and impressive songwriting coming from such a young artist.

Something in the Making
Team Me

Sample Track: Just Another Sleepless Night

Last time Team Me issued an album, I said something a bit unfavourable about them at work – and was instantly told by everyone in the room how wrong I was . Team Me fans love what the band is doing, and with their new album, I will join in the chorus (but in all fairness, this is a considerably better album than the last one). The wonder choirlike harmonies, the richness of the sound, the brilliant songwriting all add up to a great listening experience.

Soul Letters
Ole Børud

Sample track: Thinking About It

Some artists stick to a formula that works. Ole Børud is one of them, a soul singer of international stature, performing as if the 2000s never happened. This is professional craftsmanship down to the minutest detail, and still with a lot of – yes – soul. What a performer!

Three Dimensions Deep
Amber Mark

Sample track: What It Is

Once in a while an artist emerges that refuses to stick to a formula. Amber Mark is one of them, perhaps that’s why she talks about more than one dimension in the album title. Her sound is truly contemporary R&B, but the range on «Three Dimensions Deep» is impressive and makes for a rare listening experience.

The Tipping Point
Tears For Fears

Sample Track: Long, Long, Long Time

Tears For Fears stayed away for 18 years. Suddenly a new album emerges, but it is not as if time has stood still. I was never a great fan of the duo back then, found the music a bit dull and cold, but have no problem admitting that the new Tears For Fears deserves a place in my playlist. This is mature and versatile pop music, self-confident and in my view the best they have ever released.

A Tribute To Led Zeppelin
Beth Hart

Sample track: Black Dog

Led Zeppelin was the ultimate rock band. In fact, 50 years ago, the band was denied performing in Singapore because of ther long hair. You don’t get to be more rock’n’roll than that. Their guitar riffs are recognized by young and old today, in fact, the opening of Stairway to Heaven is called the Forbidden Riff, because it is so overplayed. But Beth Hart, a rocker in the premium league herself, is not afraid of overplaying and has released a tribute album that is among the best ever as tribute albums go. Playing this album in the car may not be advisable if you have a tendency to headbanging and shoegazing.

A good bunch of surprises in this month’s single list, the biggest is possible Pink Floyd’s first release for decades. The cause couldn’t be a worthier one, and they have brought in Andriy Khlyvnyuk from Ukraine to perform with them.

Bitterweet – Georgia Cécile

Hey Hey Rise Up – Pink Floyd & Andriy Khlyvnyuk

I’m a Mess – Phosphorescent

Language of Love – Karen Souza

Let Somebody Go – Coldplay & Celena Gomez

Make Your Mark – Seth Lakeman

My Love – Florence + The Machine

Nobody’s Wrong – Gaby Moreno

Olive Branch – Alanis Morissette

Second Hand Love – Julie Bergan & Ruben

Tomorrow – John Legend, Nas & Florian Picasso

Finally, it is time for the annual pick of the best ESC songs of 2022. I know some of you hate it, especially since I am sure you actually find songs in there that you actually like, but the secret is safe with me. I have picked my 10 personal favourites, plus Ukraine’s contribution, that probably will win. Remember I haven’t seen most of the performances, so the songs are picked after listening.

SWITZERLAND : Boys Do Cry – Marius Bear

ITALY: Brividi  – Mahmood & BLANCO

GREECE: Die Together – Amanda Tenfjord

NORWAY: Give That Wolf A Banana – Subwoolfer

SWEDEN: Hold Me Closer – Cornelia Jakobs

MALTA: I Am What I Am – Emma Muscat

GERMANY: Rockstars – Malik Harris





Deceptive Bends

10cc was one of the strangest pop groups ever. They released some of the best remembered pop tunes of all time, like «I’m Not in Love» and «The Things We Do For Love», their playfulness and humour was a trademark for them, but their albums wasn’t properly pruned – including Deceptive Bends, lots of peculiar tracks mixed with brilliant songs. Still, I have picked the album more as an example of the brillance of the group. If you decide to listen to the whole album and not only my choice picks, you will understand what I mean.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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