Old Poets’ Society (some dead)

It is a particularly busy time for me, so this month you will have to do with a refreshed list and very little information about each album. Hopefully I will back in full force soon.

A lot of wonderful songwriters and troubadurs contribute to the list this time around, both from yesteryear, but also older artists with new releases. There are some just awesome tracks this month, both in the album and singles section. Let me leave it at that. Enjoy! Let’s go.

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Paul Simon
Paul Simon

Top 3 album on the charts in the UK from February 1972. I still consider it one of the best albums ever made. I had such a hard time cutting down tracks. But I shouldn’t have bothered.

Anette (Cannes Edition)
Sparks & Cast

Sample Track: Stepping Back In Time

The Boy Names If
Elvis Costello & The Imposters

Sample Track: Paint the Red Rose Blue

The Lumineers

Sample Track: WHERE WE ARE

Chimes at Midnight

Sample Track: Dreams At Midnight

Encanto Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Lin-Manuel Miranda

Sample Track: Colombia, Mi Encanto

Evige dager

Sample Track: Det er havet som er størst

Fix Yourself, Not the World
The Wombats

Sample Track: Everyting I Love Is Going To Die

Flying Dream 1

Sample Track: Six Words


Sample Track: Shadows

The Gods We Can Touch

Sample Track: Exist for Love


Sample Track: Can I come home


Sample Track: Libre

Joy Crookes

Sample Track: When You Were Mine

David Bowie

Sample Track: You’ve Got a Habit of Leaving


Sample Track: The Wave

Brighter Days – Emeli Sandé

Fallen Star – The Neighbourhood

High Street – Team Me

Maybe Today Maybe Tomorrow – Gaby Moreno

Mehram – Asfar Hussein & Arooj Aftab

Minnet av et hav – Laleh

Once – Andreas Ihlebæk

Show Me Who You Are – Mark Nevin

Softly – Amber Mark

So Sorry – Lola Young

This weeks laundry – Brinheim

Within You Without You – Birds on a Wire, Rosemary Standley & Dom La Lena

The Dark Side of the Moon
Pink Floyd

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