Needles in Haystacks

I am sorry. No elaborate blog entry this time either. It has been a very busy year, so far, so rather than no posting at all, here is a shortcut to great new music, without too much fuss. I have dug out as many needles in the haystacks as I could find,  hope you enjoy them. I have also practised the annual ritual of listening to the ESC finalists, and found a tiny stack of needles there. 

Here is a link to the newcomers, and here is a link to the new, improved blog playlist. Enjoy!

Rikke Normann – 35 – Pop/Soul

Rikke Normann






Június Meyvant – Across the Borders – Pop

Junius Meyvant
Photo: Morgen Schuler





Lily & Madeleine – Canterbury Girls – Pop

Lily & Madeleine




Ximena Sarinana . Donde Bailarán Las Ninas? – Pop/Latino

Ximena Sarinana






Hekla Stålstrenga – Elske og ære – Folk

Hekla Stålstrenga
Photo: Helge Brekke






Joe Jackson – Fool – Rock/Pop

Joe Jackson







William Tyler – Goes West – Folk/Instrumental

William Tyler




Over the Rhine – Love & Revelation – Pop

Over the Rhine





Tiny Ruins – Olympic Girls – Pop/Rock

Tiny Ruins







Sigrid – Sucker Punch – Pop/R&B/Dance

Foto: Petroleum Records





Ally Kerr -Upgrade Me – Pop

Ally Kerr






ESC 2019 – Zala Kralj & Gasper Santi , Leonora , Kate Miller Heidke , Lake Malawi , Mahmood  Duncan Laurence  – Pop

Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl

Photo: Thomas Cato





Kate Miller Heidke

Lake Malawi












Duncan Laurence







Previously discovered needles now leaving the blog list are: Emilie Nicolas, Francoise Hardy, Joan Armatrading, Caroline Rose, Chas & Dave, Willie Nelson, Hailey Tuck, Johnny Cash Tribute, Paul Simon, Family of the Year, Father Misty, Vårin, Paul McCartney, Adam Douglas, Gruff Rhys, Roger Daltrey and Jennifer Warnes. I hope you’ll miss them.

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