Gourmet leftovers

A shorter blog entry this time; the music will have to speak for itself; but the newcomer list is longer than ever, so no complaints, please. I am promoting a new book in Norway, and it has been taking up a lot of my time the last month, which should explain the minute size of the blog entry. But I have also listened to a lot of fabulous music lately – which should explain the size of the newcomer list.
All albums were released at the end of last year, but we couldn’t start a new year without tagging these albums along, brilliant as they all are.

Here is a link to the newcomers, and here is a link to the new, improved blog playlist. Enjoy!


Albin Lee Meldau – About You –  Pop




NES – Ahlam – World




Don McLean – Botanical Gardens –  Pop





Eddi Reader – Cavalier –  Pop/Folk




Chiara Civello – Eclipse –  Pop






Zaz – Effet miroir  – Pop





Jarle Skavhellen – The Ghost in Your Smile –  Pop/Folk






Beth Nielsen Chapman – Hearts of Glass – Pop





Elvis Costello – Look Now – Pop/Rock





Douwe Bob – The Shape I’m In –  Pop

Douwe Bob






Roseanne Cash – She Remembers Everything – Pop/Folk




Ian Shaw – Shine Sister Shine – Jazz/Pop






Jamie Cullum – The Song Society Playlist – Jazz/Pop






Benjamin Biolay – Songbook – French Crooner






Rayland Baxter – Wide Awake –  Pop/Rock

Rayland Baxter





Leaving the list: Hugh Coltman, Joan Baez, Andy Gunn, Savoy, First Aid Kit, The Wood Brothers, The Silver Seas. Lucy Dacus, Kacey Musgraves, Morten Abel, Moby, Graham Coxon, Sarah Blasko, Joan As A Policewoman, Chris Price, Brandi Carlisle, Frederico Albanese, Glen Hansard, ESC 2018, Van Morrison, Belle Adair, Sol Heilo, Amy Rigby, Julian Large, Marlon Williams, Manhattan Transfer, Turin Brakes, Belle & Sebastian, The Lost Brothers, Bahamas, Inara George, Alela Diane, Club des Belugas and Jimmy Livingstone. Goodbye.

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