Wise Beyond Their Years

And some who have lived long enough to be wise from life itself – (and a maniacal musical for dessert)

One of my aims with this blog is to distribute music that have a bit of heritage in it, heritage from the music many of us grew up with in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties.  There is nostalgia in listening to albums released 30-40 years ago, but I argue that many artists keep producing fabulous music, and new artists learn from the previous generations, replicating the musical values from that period.  It is this music I try to bring to you in the revolving list Pewalla Blog, and it pleases me that so many tell me of their listening pleasure after having explored the music referred to in the blog.

All The Luck In The WorldAn Irish group belonging to younger generation creates the music that I am looking for. All The Luck In The World is based in Brighton, England, where they all go to the same music institute.  The group managed to build a reputation through YouTube, and a German record company gave them a record deal.  I would describe the music as folk-inspired, but the boys have added both string and brass sections to the tracks, creating a style of their own. I have added three songs from their debut album, also titled All The Luck In The World.

One of my favourite artists is Ed Harcourt, and he was prominently placed in my Top 10 last year with his previous album. He has just released a new EP, Time of Dust, another collection of gems that should make you prick up your ears.  Ed Harcourt uses the instruments that a track needs, whether it is guitar- or keyboard based, turning the tacks into small symphonies. I have added four of the six tracks from the album, but could of course have added all of them. But a sample is a sample.

Martin Stephenson has been around for a while, and his new brilliant album is in fact his 40th. I now see I have to set aside a week to listen to his back catalogue, if I only can get past the great songs of California Star. It was “The Ship” that first got my attention, with reminiscences of Dire Straits’ heydays, but the rest of the album is as dreamy and endearing as the first track.  Martin Stephenson and his group The Daintees originate from Sunderland, England. I have served up fours tracks.

Paul Armfield from Isle of Whight sounds and looks to have been around from awhile, too. He must have spent some of that time listening to artists like Leonard Cohen and watched the movies of David Lynch, because the slightly spooky, yet honeycoated voice, stirs some of the same feelings in me as Cohen and Lynch soundtracks do. Armfield started out as a punk artist, but there is not much of that left. Up-Here was released late last year and I have added half the album to the blog list.

Finally something completely different, three tracks from a musical,The Book of Mormons , written by the guys behind South Park TV Series and smash musical Avenue Q, Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone. I can’t wait to see the musical in London or on Broadway. Many already have and report a hilarious two hours with great music and a beyond belief story of two young Mormons sent to a remote village in Northern Uganda to share the Book of Mormons – which only one of them has read. As a teaser both for myself or for others who haven’t seen it yet, enjoy Baptize Me and two other great tracks.

To make room, some songs need to go. Goodbye to my old friend Bill Cantos, to Eliza Doolittle’s single from 2013 (her new album is still in the list), Frightened Rabbit, Iron &Wine, Julie Feeney, Sharon Jones,  The Polyphonic Spree and Young Galaxy.

Here is the new list: (you can also subscribe, but few seems to choose this option. Hmm. You can also add www.petterwallace.com to your smartphone homescreen, which will always give you the latest blog and bloglist)

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